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Seminars and Colloquia at UW

  • CHECK HERE FIRST: All UW seminars with frequent biophysics content.
  • Chemistry Calendar and Seminars
  • Physics Seminar Schedule
  • Physics Colloquia - 4pm Mondays, PAB A102
  • ABC Atomic/Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminars - 4pm Tuesdays, PAB C421
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Applied Mathematics - 4pm Thursdays, Guggenheim 220
  • Nanotechnology Seminars
  • Physiology and Biophysics Seminars - 10:30 Thursdays, G-328
  • Biochemistry - 10am Tuesdays, K-069
  • Genome Sciences Seminars - 3:30pm Wednesdays, Foege Auditorium
  • Biology Seminars - 4pm Tuesdays, Hitchcock 132
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Bioscience Careers Seminars
  • BMSD / MBTG Student Seminars - currently 12:30pm Wednesdays, K-069
  • UW Events and Seminar Calendar
    • Note: The calendar above is an incomplete listing - not all departments participate.
    • To narrow the selection, unclick everything except "Lectures/Seminars" at the right.
    • Under "Ongoing event", choose "all" (meaning yes AND no)./li>

    Conference and Seminar Bingo

  • Bingo by SLK and ARHS for the 2009 Soft Condensed Matter Gordon Conference
    • Note: We later discovered we were scooped by Ph.D. Comics.

    User Facilities at UW

  • Nanotech User Facility
  • Microfab/Soft Lithography (Center for Applied Microtechnology)
  • Washington Technology Center homepage and fees

  • Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry at UW
    UW biophysicists with similar methods/outlook (incomplete list):

      Chip Asbury - Physiology and Biophysics
      David Baker - Biochemistry
      Daniel Chiu - Chemistry
      Tom Daniel - Biology
      Gary Drobny - Chemistry
      Adrienne Fairhall - Physiology and Biophysics
      Mike Gelb - Chemistry
      John Glomset - Biochemistry
      Sharona Gordon - Physiology and Biophysics
      Jens Gundlach - Physics
      Bertil Hille - Physiology and Biophysics
      Sarah Keller - Chemistry
      Munira Khalil - Chemistry
      Eric Klavins - EE
      Lutz Maibaum - Chemistry
      Alex Merz - Biochemistry
      Fred Rieke - Physiology and Biophysics
      Bruce Robinson - Chemistry
      Michael Schick - Physics
      Wendy Thomas - Bioengineering
      Paul Wiggins - Physics
      Pedro Verdugo - Friday Harbor
      Paul Yager - Bioengineering
      Bill Zagotta - Physiology and Biophysics
      See also the faculty list associated with the UW Sackler Scholars Program in Integrative Biophysics
  • 2001 Course List by Kerry Kim

  • Dept. of Chemistry 351700, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98195-1700
    E-mail: slkeller -at- chem.washington.edu
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