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Available Positions

  • Some positions will be available for summer research.


Welcome to the Choi Research Group.

We aim to establish an interdisciplinary research program for next generation flexible electronics and microsystems. We have particularly focused on the development of low-cost photovoltaics and lighting technologies based on organic electronics. Our research interests include Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Photovoltaics, LEDs, Sensors and Actuators for various applications.

Available Positions

Some positions will be available for Summer 2013 research.


  1. UWBB 226 Microfabrication facility is under construction, aimimg to be fully operational at the beginning of Summer.
  2. OAI Mask aligner (Model 204) has been purchased. This tool provide upto 2 micro meter resoultion for lithography.
  3. Our work, "ITO-free Large-area Flexible Organic Solar Cells with an Embedded Metal Grid," will be presented at the 2012 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, Novemver 25-30, USA. Abstract
  4. Dr. Choi joined the University of Washington Bothell in September 2012.


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