An International Conference

Asian Crisis, VI: 
Financial Crisis and Economic Growth

Downloadable Papers

The followings are some of the papers scheduled to be presented in the conference. They are posted for the convenience of the participants and those who are interested in these papers.

Copyrights of the papers are owned by the authors. For the latest version of the papers, please contact the authors directly.

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Nan-Kuang Chen and Charles Ka Yui Leung

Property Markets and Public Policy - Spillovers through Collateral Effect

Yi-Chi Chen and Kar-yiu Wong


Joshua Aizenman, Yeonho Lee, and Yeongseop Rhee

International reserves management and capital mobility in a volatile world: Policy considerations and a case study of Korea

Kuo-chun YEH

Should Taiwan Worry About “Marginalization?” A Dynamic Game Theoretical Analysis

Wei-Chiao Huang, Wei-Jang Huang, and Christina Y. Liu

Dealing With the Non-Performing Loan Problems: Taiwan’s Experience

Changkyu Choi and Seung-Gwan Baek

Exchange Rate Regimes and International Reserves

Wan-Chun Liu and Chen-Min Hsu

Financial Structure, Corporate Finance, and Growth of Taiwan’s Manufacturing Firms

Yin-Wong Cheung and Jude Yuen

An Output Perspective on a Northeast Asia Currency Union

Etsuro Shioji

Building a New Framework for Analyzing Effects of Japanese Shocks on Asia

Sangho Kim and Young Hoon Lee The Productivity Debate of East Asia Revisited: A Stochastic Frontier Approach

Tatsuyoshi Miyakoshi and Masakatsu Okubo

The Welfare Costs of the 1997 Asian Crisis
Jung Sik Kim, Ramkishen Rajan, and Thomas D. Willett

Reserve Adequacy in Asia Revisited: New Benchmarks Based on the Size and Composition of Capital Flows

John G. Fernald, Alan G. Ahearne, Prakash Loungani, and John W. Schindler China and Emerging Asia: Comrades or Competitors?

Shin-ichi Fukuda and Robert F. Owen

Firm-Specific Human Capital, Sunk Costs and  Macroeconomic Adjustment in Japan: Who Bears the Burden?
Yuko Hashimoto and Takatoshi Ito

Crisis Spillovers among Financial Markets in Asia:  High-frequency Contagion among the Exchange Rates and the Stock Prices

Junko Shimizu and Eiji Ogawa

Risk Properties of AMU denominated Asian Bonds

Kentaro Iwatsubo, and Junko Shimizu

Signaling Effects and the Timing of Foreign Exchange Interventions

Chung Mo Koo,  Raghbendra Jha, and Hyeon-seung Huh

Fiscal Assessment of Debt Sustainability in East Asia After the Asian Financial Crisis

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