An International Conference of RCIE, AKES, and KDI

Korea and the World Economy, IV

Seattle, December 10-11, 2005

Pictures of the Days

The following pictures were taken during the conference. If a participant appeared in more than one sessions, usually only the picture of his/her first appearance is shown.

Please do not download any of them without prior approval of RCIE.

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Welcome Session

The welcome session.

Jae-Gouk Kim

SungTae Ro

Kar-yiu Wong

Session 1

Session 1

Jong-Won Lee

Yunfang Hu

Michael Gilroy

Stephen Magee

Session 2

Session 2

SaangJoon Baak

Young-Jae Kim

Yaowu Song

Choon Keun Lee

Kiheung Kim

Hyundo Ahn

Session 3

Session 3

Toru Kikuchi

Kenji Fujiwara

Kiyoun Sohn

Session 4

Session 4

Joshua Aizenman

Theo Eicher

Jaerang Lee

Insill Yi

SangDon Lee

Session 5

Session 5

Yongbok Kim

Eiji Ogawa

Changkyu Choi

Robert Dekle

Session 6

Masami Imai

Kimie Harada

Sung Tai Kim

Judith Thornton

Session 7

Elmar Lukas

Jian Xu

Dongkoo Chang

Hangyong Lee

Session 8

Young Man Yoon

Slavi T. Slavov

Jenny Juangyi Xu

Fumiko Takeda

Thomas W. Roehl

Other Faces

The Great Team of Volunteers

Haideh Salehi-Esfahani, (chair) Prabirendra Chatterjef, Juyoung Cheong, Kai-Hsi Chu, Jinyoung Chung, Hervi Icban, SeongTae Kim, Edgar Luna, Terry Li-Chuan Tsai, Haejin Yoon

Asian Crisis
China and WTO

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