An International Workshop

WTO and World Trade, II

Seattle, April 28-29, 2001

Asian Crisis
China and WTO

Organizing Unit: Research Center for International Economics, City University of Hong Kong and University of Washington
Co-sponsors: Faculty of Business, City University of Hong Kong
International Studies Program, UW
Center for International Business Education and Research, UW
College of Arts and Sciences, UW
International Economics and Finance Society
San Sky Industrial Ltd.
Supporting Units: Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University
Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Chinese Economic Association in North America

This workshop, which is a sequel to a previous one held in Seattle, 1999, allows economists to share their views on the current issues of world trade, especially those related directly or indirectly to the World Trade Organization, and talk about what research work has been done and what can be done later.

The workshop will have several sessions with presentation and discussion of ideas. Each session, which will focus on one or two main issues, will have about three presentations, each approximately 15 minutes long, to be followed by discussion. Instead of concentrating on one paper, each presentation will cover at least several papers written by the presenter and/or other people, and should be written and ready for circulation before the workshop. A reading and reference list of related papers will be most helpful.

People interested in making a presentation at the workshop are invited to submit an outline by March 10, 2001 to Kar-yiu Wong, Department of Economics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3330, U. S. A. Submission by e-mail <> or fax (1-206-685-7477) is most welcome. Please include in your submission your name, affiliation and academic rank, phone and fax numbers, postal and e-mail addresses. Multiple submissions in more than one area are acceptable.

Presentation of the following topics is especially welcome: world trade and environment; world trade and economic development; world trade and labor standard; trade and economic growth and technological improvement; trade related intellectual property rights; trade in services and trade in agricultural goods; regionalism and trade negotiation; e-commerce and world trade; and trade related investment measures.

If accepted, a written 15-minute presentation should be submitted no later than April 10, 2001. The presentation, which should contain a reference section listing related work, will be sent to the participants to read before the workshop.

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