An International Conference

WTO, China, and the Asian Economies:

Free Trade Areas and New Economic Relations

Downloadable Papers

The followings are some of the papers scheduled to be presented in the conference. They are posted for the convenience of the participants and those who are interested in these papers.

Copyrights of the papers are owned by the authors. For the latest version of the papers, please contact the authors directly.

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Jiandong Ju and Kala Krishna

Firm Behavior and Market Access in a Free Trade Area with Rules of Origin

Qiyang Wang Building Manufacture-Supplier Strategic Partnerships - A Model of Chinese Enterprises in the Global Market
Jin-Li Hu, Her-Jiun Sheu, and Shih-Fang Lo Under the Shadow of Asian Brown Clouds: the Unbalanced Regional Productivities in China with Environmental Concerns
LIANG Kui, GUO Shuyan, CHEN Lu, XI Jun, ZHOU Kejie The SWOT Effects and Strategies of the Openness of the Financial Market after China's Entry to WTO

Tran Van Hoa

WTO, China and the Asian Economies: Free Trade Areas and New Economic Relations

Majid Taghavi and Hua Yu Sun

Real Exchange Rates and Real Interest Rate Parity: The Case of China

SHAN Zhongdong,

ZHANG Shengping, and QI Jianhong

Financial development in East Asia after the 1997 Crisis

Xiaosu Zhang and Mengyang Sun

China---the stabilizer of Asia economy of 21st century

Joseph Plasmans and Jiahua Tan Intellectual Property Rights and International Trade with China
Laixun Zhao and Yuqing Xing Global Production and Currency Devaluation

Yuqing Xing

Why is China so Attractive for FDI? The Role of Exchange Rates
Wing Thye Woo The Economic Impact of China's Emergence as a Major Trading Nation
WANG Yajie and HUI Xiaofeng Renminbi to be a strong currency in Asia: Prospects and Hindrance
Chun Qi, Dong Jin, and John C.S. Tang

Foreign Direct Investment in China: Pre- and Post- Asian Financial Crisis

Valerie Cerra, Sandra A. Rivera, and Sweta C. Saxena

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: What are the Consequences of China's WTO entry for India’s Trade?

Hiro Ito and

Yushi Yoshida

How does China compete with Japan in the US Market? A Triangular Trade Approach

LIU Yunhua

Economic Competition and Co-operation between ASEAN-5 and China in Trade
Jie Sun, Xinbo Sun, and Tao Xu

Competitive Advantage Based on Innovation --- The Case of Samsung

Hua Yu Sun and Yue Ma External Shocks and Collapsing the Pegged Exchange Rate System
Jian Xu Will Tariff protection induce productivity growth: An Optimal Control Model
Sven W. Arndt Trade Integration and Production Networks in Asia: The Role of China

GU Kejian

Modeling Synthesis in Application to Endogenized Trade Policy in China

Kar-yiu Wong

China’s WTO Accession and Its Trade with the Southeast Asian Economies

Tianshu Chu and Thomas J. Prusa

The Reasons for and the Impact of Antidumping Protection: The Case of People’s Republic of China


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