community building & placemaking:


Eleven Projects for Neighborhood Revitalization in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District



Jeffrey Hou and Michael Horner, editors


Community Design Studio

Department of Landscape Architecture

University of Washington


Instructor: Jeffrey Hou, Assistant Professor

Graduate Students: Nathalie Abcede, Ellen Fitzsimmons, Sunny C-W. Ho, Kristin Kildall, Peter T-H. Lau, Trent Lloyd, Anna O'Connell, Carolyn Salisbury, Jan Satterthwaite, Douglas Shaw, Gretchen Stromberg


Spring 2002  


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Jeff Hou, Assistant Professor







Cover Pages


1. Introduction


2. Community Interviews


3. Site Analysis


4. Design Projects


Urban Families Enclave -- Nathalie Abcede; Little Saigon Urban Design Guideline -- Ellen Fitzsimmons; Street as Symbolic Landscape -- Sunny C-W. Ho; Go Hing Festival Alley -- Kristin Kildall; Urban Incubators -- Peter T-H. Lau; Intersections as Courtyards -- Trent Lloyd; Jackson Street: Rethinking Urban Open Space -- Anna O'Connell; Maynard Artisans’ Alley -- Carolyn Salisbury; Jackson Street: Engaging the Narrative Landscape -- Jan Satterthwaite; Pattern Language for Community Self-made Design -- Douglas Shaw; Alley as Living Space -- Gretchen Stromberg


5. Design and Policy Recommendations


Project Teams