Psychology 101: Winter 2016

Psychology 101


    Office Hours

    Jonathon D. Brown

    135 Guthrie
    By appointment only


Tanner DeLawyer 102 Guthrie Annex 4 Mon: 2:00-2:50; Wed: 2:00-2:50
Robert Mohr 102 Guthrie Annex 4 Weds: 11:30-12:20; Fri: 11:30-12:20
Rosie Walker 102 Guthrie Annex 4 Tues: 11:30-12:20; Thurs: 1:30-2:20


Final Grades

Final Grades are posted on Catalyst, accessible through your MYUW account. Email the course account if you have trouble finding your score or find an error.


The textbook is available for purchase at the University Book Store. It can also be ordered online from a variety of internet sites, and will be placed on 2-hour reserve at Odegaard Library. The complete 5th edition is the only official edition, but you can choose one of three forms: Hardcopy, loose leaf, or digital. The content is the same in all forms.

Final Exam

The final exam will be held during finals week, Thursday March 17, 8:30-10:20. No exceptions!