Study Tips

Dear Student,

Several years ago, I asked students who have done well in my classes to describe their study habits. I have collated these behaviors and am publishing them for those who would like to learn what successful students do to prepare for exams.

If I were to characterize the responses I received, I would say that successful students actively work with the material. Instead of passively reading the chapters in the book, they actively think about the concepts they are learning and, in many cases, try to put things into their own words. Then they check and double-check their understanding to be sure they have it right.

These behaviors mirror my own experience in college, and I hope they will prove beneficial to those of you who seriously want to improve your class performance. An adage in the real-estate business counsels that there are three things people should consider before buying a house: Location, location, location. For success in college, analogous advice would urge you to actively study, actively study, actively study. If you do that, youíll probably get the grade you want.

Good luck,
Professor Brown

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