Software Entrepreneurship Class Page

Spring 2000 Syllabus

Day 1: Brian Bershad's History of the Computer Industry

Day 2: Arch Venture Partners -Slides

  • Notes on the Patrick Ennis presentation

    Day 3: Notes on Suzan DelBene's Presentation -Marketing and Strategic Alliances

    Day 5: Slides on writing a business plan

  • Notes on Steven Anderson and Greg Gottesman on Viathan's business plan

  • Day 6: Linden Rhoads' Slides -Financing the company

  • Notes on Linden Rhoads' Presentation

  • Day 7: Steve Sperry's Slides- Building a team

    Day 8: Steve Sinofsky's slides

  • Notes on Steve Sinofsky and Eric Zocher

  • Day 11: Dan Weld's Slides- Information Business

    Day 12: Ed Lazowska's talk on University IP policy

  • Notes on IP presentation

  • Day 16: Bill McAleer's Presentation

  • Notes on Bill McAleer's Presentation