Notes by Justin Huff



Patents: IDEA

    Either utility or design

    Needs novelty( non-obvious/utility)


        Use for help valuation

        Cross license

    Grants exclusive rights

        Utility: 20 years(extendable)

        Design: 15 years (not extendable)


    Use broad language

    Need to file in multiple jurisdictions


        4-6 weeks=fast $$$

        90 days normal

        $10k-15k in cost



Copyrights: EXPRESSION

    Happens when the work is completed, not need to file

    Needs originality/creativity

    Employment contracts should have any work belong to the company

        Rights vary by state



Trade Secrets:

    No filing process

    Economic value

    such as:

        marketing plan

        cust. list

        price lists

    **make sure they are marked as such**



Trade Marks:

    No filing needed

    Only need to file is you want to use the circle R

    Otherwise 'tm' is OK




UW Tech Transfer

    OTT is on your side.  Work with them!

    3 cases:

        UW tech involved

        No UW tech

        Licensed tech

    Student owns the copyright in most cases

    UW must assert patent rights is gvt funding was involved

    Otherwise you own it

    Need to obtain a formal letter from OTT stating they have no interest in

the tech

    May also opt to have OTT manage the tech.  This is A Good Thing for