How Did We Get Here?

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Table of Contents

How Did We Get Here?

The Early Business Number Crunching Market

The Bush Differential Analyzer

Iowa in 1937

John Atanasoff Invents the First Electronic Calculator

Key Technical Ideas

Berry and Atanasoff Hook Up

John Berry With the ABC Computer

Atanasoff Gets Excited

The First “Killer” App

Eckert, Mauchly’s ENIAC

The ENIAC was not technically superior to ABC

1945-1946: The Seminal Years


Gambling -- The Next Killer App

Two Suitors

IBM Background

TJ Watson Sr’s Legacy

Remington Rand

PPT Slide

IBM Wakes Up

IBM Achieves Dominance By 1957

How Did They Do It?

How Did They Maintain Dominance

IBM’s Ultimate Challenge


Author: Brian Bershad