Russ 321
Lecture Outlines and Chronologies

The outlines and chronologies shown in class on the overhead projector will be posted here after each class. Note that most outlines cover more than one 50-minute lecture. You will find below the outlines and chronologies used when the course was taught in 2003. As we proceed in 2004, current dates will be added and necessary revisions will be inserted. Outlines that do not yet have a 2004 date may not correspond to what what in fact is being covered in class in Autumn 2004.

September 29, 2004. Points to Ponder Regarding Sources and Interpretations

October 1, 2004. Physical Geography

October 4, 2004. The Origins, Development and Decline of Kievan Rus'.

Suggested Chronology of the early history of Rus'.

October 6, 2004. The Politics of Kievan Rus': Kiev as a Loosely Structured Federation.

October 11, 2004. Kiev as a Province of the Byzantine Commonwealth.

October 18, 2004. Kiev as a Province of the Byzantine Commmonwealth (ctd.).

October 21, 2004. Royal Patrons and the Culture of Their Courts

October 25, 2004. Regional Centers.

Chronology of Novgorod's Political History

November 1, 2004. The Mongols and Rus', I.

November 3, 2004. The Mongols and Rus', II.

November 8, 2004. The Rise of Moscow

Chronology of the Rise of Moscow

November 10, 2004. Moscow Emerges as a Cultural Center

November 15, 2004. The Real Beginnings of Muscovy: Ivan III (1462-1505) and Muscovy's new position in the world.

November ?, 2004. Muscovite Absolutism.

November 17, 2004. "Renaissance Princes" without a Renaissance?

November 24, 2004. Muscovy in Crisis

November 30, 2004. Raison d'état in 17th-century Muscovy

December 8, 2004. The End is at Hand--Reflections on the eve of the Final Judgment (there will be no Second Coming)