Russ321/SISRE/HSTAM 443--Lecture Outline

The Mongols and Rus, II

I. The Rise and Fall of the "Golden Horde."

II. Rus at the periphery of Mongol concerns.

III. The degree of political control.

A. From direct to indirect administration.
B. Machiavellian manipulation?
C. Supporting Moscow vs. Lithuania.

IV. The Mongols and Muscovite absolutism.

A. Pencils, seals and notarial scribbles.
B. Taxation and censuses.
C. The language and practice of diplomacy.
D. Institutional borrowing, large scale?
E. Moscow as the heir to the Golden Horde.

V. The "Pax Mongolica" and the economy.

VI. Some thoughts about the impact on culture. A. The Mongols' religious toleration. B. The growth of Orthodox Christianity. C. Cultural losses and cultural survivals. D. The myth of the Mongols having "cut Russia off from the West."