Russ 321/HSTAM/SISRE 443--Lecture Outline

The Rise of Moscow

I. A new focal point for the history of Rus'?

A. Issues of periodization.
B. Searching for the roots of later success.
C. Mythologizations.

II. Moscow emerges as a political center.

A. Some highlights.
B. Location.
C. The Grand Principality of Vladimir.
D. Moscow and the Golden Horde.
1. Closeness of connections.
2. The balance power in E. Europe.
a. Rivalry with Tver'.
b. The rise of Lithuania.
3. Issues of administration: the gradual nature of institutional change.
4. Moscow as a leader vs. the Mongols? --the real meaning of Kulikovo.
E. Princely abilities and personalities.
F. The Muscovite civil war.

III. Consolidation under Grand Prince Ivan III (1462-1505).