Russ 321/HSTAM/SISRE 443--Lecture Outline

Moscow Emerges as a Cultural Center

I. The Metropolitanate.

A. From Kiev to Vladimir to Moscow.
B. Church and State, hand in glove.
1. Generous financial support.
2. The Church in politics.
C. Peter and Aleksei as Moscow saints.
D. Dmitrii Donskoi's challenges.
E. Consequences of Council of Florence.

II. The growth of monasticism: St. Sergius of Radonezh and the Trinity Monastery.

III. Missionary activity: Stephen of Perm'.

IV. Emergence of Moscow as an artistic center.

A. The legacy of Vladimir.
B. Continuing external influences.
1. Theophanes the Greek; hesychasm.
2. "Second South Slavic" influence.
C. Architecture. D. Andrei Rublev and the development of the icon screen (iconostasis).

V. The rebuilding of the Kremlin under Ivan III.