HSTAM/SISRE 443/Russ 321-Lecture Outline

Royal Patrons and the Culture of Their Courts

I. Two cultures or one?

A. Patronage of the Church.
1. Finances and jurisdictional questions - tithes and the Church statutes.
2. Books.
a. The Ostromir Gospels.
b. Sviatoslav's "Miscellanies."
c. The evidence of Monomakh's "testament."
d. "Intellectual life"?
3. Buildings and their decoration.
a. The texts on the walls.
b. The invocation of the Conversion of Rus in the "dedication" fresco in Kiev.
c. Hilarion's sermon in context.
B. Courtly entertainments.
1. Music, dance and debauchery.
2. Was there a Hippodrome in Kiev?
3. What do we make of the "secular frescoes" in Kiev's Sancta Sophia?

II. Cultural eclecticism = cultural misunderstanding?

A. Are the provinces "provincial?"
B. Vsevolod III's Cathedral of St. Demetrios in Vladimir.
C. Placing the Igor Tale in its context.