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Published and forthcoming papers

The objective of a privately owned firm under imperfect competition

Economic Theory, vol. 37(1), 2008.  //  Working paper version

Core extensions for non-balanced TU-games (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)

International Journal of Game Theory, vol. 38(1), 2009  //   Working paper version

No profitable decompositions in quasi-linear allocation problems (with Geoffroy de Clippel)   

Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 146(5), 2011 //   Working paper version

Ownership structure and efficiency in large economies (with Florin Bidian)

Economic Theory, vol. 50(3), 2012  //   Working paper version

Axiomatizing core extensions (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)

International Journal of Game Theory DOI: 10.1007/s00182-011-0316-4 //  Working paper version

Using the aspiration core to predict coalition formation (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)   

International Game Theory Review, vol. 14(1), 2012  //   Working paper version

A market interpretation of the proportional extended core (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)   

Economics Letters, DOI: 10.1016/j.econlet.2012.08.010  //   Working paper version

Bubbles and trading in incomplete markets (with Florin Bidian)   

Journal of Mathematical Economics, DOI: 10.1016/j.jmateco.2014.05.004  //   Working paper version

Martingale properties of self-enforcing debt (with Florin Bidian)   

Economic Theory (accepted July 2014)  //   Working paper version  //   (Supplemental material)


Working papers

Equal treatment at core allocations (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)   

Performance-based contracts, monitoring and fraud (with Maria Bejan and Pradyot Sen)   

Competitive outcomes, endogenous firm formation and the aspiration core (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)   

On market games arising from common-pool resource economies (with Juan Camilo G˛mez)   

Production and financial decisions under uncertainty    (under revision)   

Financial integration and business cycle co-movements (with Maria Bejan)    Coming soon!

Risk aversion, task uncertainty and "pay-to-quit" as an optimal contract (with Sandeep Krishnamurthy)    Coming soon!