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Lecture Notes

Please note that these lecture notes are in PowerPoint and quite large. (We suggest you use a campus ethernet connection to download them.)

Lecture #1 Abstract - Defining chemistry, describing the scientific method and illustrating what chemists do.

Lecture #2 Abstract -Chemical Problem Solving; Unit Conversion

Lecture #3 Abstract - Measurements in Scientific Study; Uncertainty in Measurements: Significant Figures

Lecture #4 Abstract - (A)Fundamental Chemical Laws,(B)Dalton's Atomic Theory,(C)Cannizzaro's Interpretation.

Lecture #5 Abstract - (A)Components of the Atom. (B)Atomic Structure, (C)Molecules and Ions.

Lecture #6 Abstract - (A)The Periodic Table (B)Naming Simple Compounds

Lecture #7 Abstract - (a) The Mole;(b) Formula of an Unknown Compound

Lecture #8 Abstract - Balancing Chemical Equations

Lecture #9 Abstract - (a) Calculating Amounts of Reactants and Products; (b) The limiting Reactant Problem

Lecture #10 Abstract - (a) Water as a Solvent; (b) Molarity and Solution Stoichiometry

Lecture #11 Abstract - Precipitation and Acid/Base Reactions

Lecture #12 Abstract - Redox Reactions

Lecture #13 Abstract - (a) The Phases of Matter, (b) The Measurement of Pressure and (c) The Gas Laws of Boyle, Charles and Avogadro.

Lecture #14 Abstract - The Ideal Gas Law, Gas Stoichiometry and Dalton's Law.

Lecture #15 Abstract - The Kinetic Molecular Theory, Effusion and Diffusion

Lecture #16 Abstract - Deviations from ideal behavior as described by the van der Waals equation and (b) Chemistry of the atmosphere.

Lecture #17 Abstract - The Equilibrium Condition, the Equilibrium Constant and Equilibrium in Terms of Pressures

Lecture #18 Abstract - Activity, Heterogeneous Equilibria and Calculations using the Equilibrium Constant

Lecture #19 Abstract - (a) Advanced Calculations using the Equilibrium Constant; (b) Le Chatelier Principle;(c) Equilibria of Real Gases

Lecture #20 Abstract - (a) The Nature of Acids and Bases; (b) Acid Strength; (c) The pH Scale; (d) Calculating the pH of Strong Acids

Lecture #21 Abstract - pH of (a)Weak Acid Solutions, (b) Bases, (c) Polyprotic Acids, and (d) Salts

Lecture #22 Abstract - (a) pH of Very Weak Acids; (b) pH of Dilute Solutions of Strong Acids

Lecture #23 Abstract - All About Buffers

Lecture #24 Abstract - Titration Curves

Lecture #25 Abstract - Precipitation and Solubility

Lecture #26 Abstract- Course Summary


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