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You can now stream or download my lecture “Less is More: Contemporary Poems Composed Through Deletion,” which I gave in August 2012 at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Here’s how the talk was originally advertised: “Since the turn of the millennium, a number of poets have begun composing verse by taking pre-existing texts and selectively deleting words, phrases, sentences, and even whole sections. Does it make sense to call such poets ‘writers’ in anything but a very loose sense, since, instead of generating text, they remove it? Moreover, since they give us nothing but passages of borrowed language with the original word order preserved intact, can we say that they are sharing their unique thoughts, experiences, and emotions? This talk argues that today‚Äôs poetry-by-subtraction is best understood as an inventive response to information overload.”

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  1. I can tell you more. Any book or a work based on sources. Anyway, people quote the thoughts of others and rarely write their own. What about poetry, the information is often taken from ancient sources and retold in his own way.

    Lately, people have less and less express their own thoughts. Unfortunately, this is largely, relates students.

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