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Seoul Bound

I’ll be giving a keynote talk this weekend–“Visual Poetry and the Poetics of Data Visualization”–at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea. The conference is called “Comparative Literature, World Literature, and the Digital Humanities,” and it is hosted by the Korean Society of East-West Comparative Literature (KEASTWEST).

New essay on Indigenous poetics

I have an essay–“Sherwin Bitsui’s Blank Dictionary: Navajo Poetics and Non-Indigenous Readers”–in a fantastic new book, The Fate of Difficulty in the Poetry of Our Time, edited by Charles Altieri and Nicholas Nace, that’s just out from the University of Chicago Press. I’m honored to appear alongside the likes of Langdon Hammer, Lyn Hejinian, Ben Lerner, Cary Nelson, and Marjorie Perloff.

New Review Essay

My review essay “Postdigital Global Literary History: On the Fourth Edition of The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics” has just been published. You’ll find it in the May 2017 issue of the journal Boundary 2.

Off to Los Angeles

I’m soon going to be in Los Angeles for three conferences in quick succession: conferences run by the Pacific Modern and Ancient Language Association, the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics, and the Modernist Studies Association. I’ll be chairing a panel on contemporary poetry on Friday, 11 November, at 10:20am; giving a talk on the Australian poets AJ Carruthers and Michael Dransfield on Saturday, 12 November, at 11:30am; giving another talk, on Anna Akhmatova and Robert Lowell, on Saturday, 19 November, at 3:30pm; and participating in a seminar on “The Poetics of Information Exchange” on Sunday, 20 November, at 10:30am, for which I’ve written an essay on Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Boots.” Should be a memorable ten days.

New Short Essay

I have a short piece called “Stanisław Dróżdż: From Conceptual Poem to Concept-Shape” that’s now up over on Jacket2 as part of a feature on “Conceptual Writing (Plural and Global)” edited by Divya Victor.

VisPo Blooms

I have a short piece–“On Mary Ellen Solt’s ‘Forsythia‘”–that has been posted as part of the online journal Coldfront‘s cool new series “Singular VisPo: First Encounters,” which retells different poets’ and critics’ first epiphanic experiences with “visual poetry,” however defined.

PAMLA Executive Board

I’ve just learned that I have been elected to the Executive Board of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Assocation (PAMLA). PAMLA is a regional association, more than a century old, that covers the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii; holds an annual conference with speakers from around the country and world; and publishes the journal Pacific Coast Philology. Congratulations to PAMLA and its Executive Director Craig Svonkin on a first-rate conference this past weekend in Portland, Oregon.

A New Review

A new review of my book Nobody’s Business: Twenty-First Century Avant-Garde Poetry, by Nikki Skillman, is up over on the American Literary History web site.

No Longer CompLit

As of April 15th, the name of the Comparative Literature Department at the University of Washington has been officially changed to the Department of Comparative Literature, Cinema, and Media. So my official academic title is now Professor of English and CLCM. That’s a mouthful!

I Edit, Too

I’ve just joined the Editorial Board of the journal Contemporary Literature. That’s on top of two other recent appointments, to the Editorial Board of the Poetics Research Journal, run by John Tranter out of Sydney, and to the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Poetry and Poetics, a PRC-based publication associated with the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics.