Class Notes

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Week 1 Notes

Lecture 1 slides

Week 2 Notes

Lecture 2 slides (part 1)
Lecture 2 slides (part 2)
Additional notes from 2004

CLIMAP, 1976
Supplemental: Crowley paper on CLIMAP SSTs
Supplemental: Kaplan paper on S. American glaciation

Week 3 Notes

Broccoli and Manabe, 1987
Supplemental: Broccoli: LGM simulations with a coupled model
Supplemental: Dong and Valdez, 1998. Prescribed vs. calculated sea surface temperatures

Week 4 Notes

Papers for Tuesday, Oct. 25th
  • Weaver et al.: Simulated influence of carbon dioxide, orbital forcing and ice sheets on the climate of the Last GlacialMaximum
  • Webb et al.: Influence of ocean heat transport ...
  • Supplemental: McManus et al.: Collapse and rapid resumption of Atlantic meridional circulation linked to deglacial climate changes Paper for Tuesday, Oct. 25th
  • Sigman & Boyle on CO2 variations
    Problem Set Solutions

    Week 5 Notes

  • Eric's notes on the EBM
  • North and Coakley, 1979, EBM paper
  • Hewitt et al. LGM paper
  • Addition coupled modeling paper (Shin et al.

    Week 6 Notes

  • Roe and Steig, 2004
  • Alley and Clark, 1999

    Week 7 Notes

    Week 8 Notes

    Week 9 Notes

    Week 10 Notes



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