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A More Social Epistemology: Decision Vectors, Epistemic Fairness, and Consensus in Solomon’s Social Empiricism, special issue of Perspectives on Science 16.3 (2008). Project Muse

Value-Free Science? Ideals and Illusions
co-edited with Harold Kincaid and John Dupre, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007.
OUP website

When Difference Makes a Difference: Epistemic Diversity and Dissent: special issue of Episteme: Journal of Social Epistemology 3.1-2 (2006). Episteme website

Thinking from Things: Essays in the Philosophy of Archaeology, University of California Press, Berkeley CA, 2002. UCPress website

Annual Special Issue of Philosophy of the Social Sciences: “Selected Papers from the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable,” co-edited with James Bohman and Paul A. Roth. Roundtable special issues appear as the first issue each year, beginning with March 2008 (38.1). For tables of contents: Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable.


“Critical Distance: Stabilizing Evidential Claims in Archaeology”: in Evidence, Inference and Enquiry, edited by Philip Dawid, William Twining, and Mimi Vasilaki, Oxford University Press, 2011, pp. 371-394.

"Archaeological Facts in Transit:The 'Eminent Mounds' of Central North America", in How Well do 'Facts' Travel?: The Dissemination of Reliable Knowledge, edited by Peter Howlett and Mary S. Morgan, Cambridge University Press, 2010, pp.301-322.

"Feminist Perspectives on Science,” co-authored with Elizabeth Potter and Wenda Bauchspies, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010.  Available online:

"Agnatology in/of Archaeology,” Agnatology: The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance, edited by Robert N. Proctor and Londa Schiebinger; Stanford University Press, 2008, pp. 183-205.

“Philosophy of Archaeology; Philosophy in Archaeology,” in The Philosophy of Anthropology and Sociology, edited by Stephen Turner and Mark Risjord; volume 15, Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, Elsevier Science, 2007, pp. 517-549.

“Socially Naturalized Norms of Epistemic Rationality: Aggregation and Deliberation,” The Southern Journal of Philosophy 44 Supplement (2006): 43-48.

“Rethinking Unity as a Working Hypothesis for Philosophy of Science: How Archaeologists Exploit the Disunity of Science,” Perspectives on Science 7.3 (2000): 293-317.

“Rethinking Objectivity: Nozick’s Neglected Third Option,” editorial, International Studies in Philosophy of Science 14.1(2000): 5-10.

“Review of M. Bunge, Finding Philosophy in Social Science,” University of Toronto Quarterly 67.1(1997-98): 121-124.

“The Constitution of Archaeological Evidence: Gender Politics and Science,” in The Disunity of Science: Boundaries, Contexts, and Power, edited by Peter Galison and David J. Stump, Stanford University Press, Stanford, 1996, pp. 311-343. 

"Discourse, Practice, Context: From HPS to Interdisciplinary Science Studies," PSA 1994, Volume 2, edited by Micky Forbes, Philosophy of Science Association, East Lansing, Michigan, 1996, pp. 393-395.

"Archaeological Cables and Tacking: The Implications of Practice for Bernstein's 'Options Beyond Objectivism and Relativism'," Philosophy of the Social Sciences 19(1989): 1-18.

"Bootstrapping in Un-Natural Sciences: An Archaeological Case," PSA 1986, Volume I, edited by A. Fine and P. Machamer, Philosophy of Science Association, East Lansing Michigan , 1986, pp. 314-322.

"Arguments for Scientific Realism: The Ascending Spiral," American Philosophical Quarterly 23 (1986): 287-297.

"Facts of the Record and Facts of the Past: Mandelbaum on the Anatomy of History 'Proper'," International Studies in Philosophy 17 (1985): 71-85.

"The Step-Motherly Nature of Rosenberg's 'One World'," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 13 (1983): 245-254.

"Review of Naturalism and Social Science by David Thomas," International Studies in Philosophy 14 (1982): 104-106.

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