Yet again, an entry on something I still do not fully understand.  In Japan (and other parts of Asia), a single-fold eyelid (hitoe-mabuta) is considered by some to be less desirable than a double-fold eyelid (futae-mabuta).  For more information, read this on the epicanthic fold and this on “Asian blepharoplasty.”

References to mie-mabuta (an eyelid with three folds) are less common; below is an image someone has posted of one:

I bring this up also to point out the following blog entry on mie-mabuta (and this follow-up.)  I wasn’t able to find anything on the blog to let me know who runs it, but I am going to presume that it is a native speaker in Japan.  The existence of sites like these show us that even native speakers (1) are sometimes uncertain and (2) are interested in these small details.