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Recent/Current talks:  

Characterization and generation mechanisms of eddies in the Solomon Sea  

2nd NPOCE western boundary current symposium, Lijiang, China     8 Jul 2013

Previous talks:  

Glider time series of Solomon Sea transport  

International CLIVAR Pacific Panel, Lijiang, China     10 Jul 2013

Circulation through the Solomon Sea: Origins and consequences  

Univ. New South Wales, Climate Change Research Center, Sydney, Australia     6 May 2013

Ocean circulation in the eastern tropical Pacific  

5° curso sobre ciclones tropicales, LaPaz, B.C.S, Mexico     20 Mar 2013

ENSO and short-term variability of the South Equatorial Current  

1st NPOCE western boundary current symposium, Qingdao, China     8 Oct 2012

El Nino: The ocean in climate  

UW Program on Climate Change High School lecture, Seattle     7 Aug 2012

Measuring South Pacific western boundary transport with ocean gliders, Seattle WA  

Lecture to UW Bothell students     2 Mar 2012

Observed circulation in the Coral Sea  

WHOI PO seminar, Woods Hole MA     24 Feb 2011

Glider observations of the western boundary current in the Solomon Sea  

Ocean Sciences meeting, Portland OR     26 Feb 2010

Near-surface shear flow in the tropical Pacific cold tongue front  

LEGOS, Toulouse France     25 Jan 2010

Measuring South Pacific LLWBCs with ocean gliders: A pilot study  

Scripps PO seminar, La Jolla     12 Aug 2009
UW PO seminar, Seattle     22 Apr 2009
CSIRO Oceanography, Hobart Australia     2 April 2009
Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne Australia     30 March 2009 The ocean in climate ... El Niño  

University of Split, Split Croatia     26 May 2009

Gliders in the Solomon Sea  

Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, Cairns Australia     31 July 2008

How El Niño works  

Talk to AMS Teachers Group, Seattle     18 June 2008

Off-equatorial meridional transport during a composite El Niño  

Ocean Sciences meeting, Orlando     6 Mar 2008

Glider measurements of the Solomon Sea: A piece of the El Niño puzzle  

University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby     18 Feb 2008

Glider exploration of the southwest tropical Pacific  

UW PO seminar, Seattle     24 Oct 2007
The annual cycle of circulation in the southwest tropical Pacific  

COAS seminar, OSU     20 Apr 2007
PORD seminar, Scripps     28 Feb 2007
CSIRO seminar, Hobart     15 Sep 2006
UW PO seminar, Seattle     17 May 2006
Lamont PO seminar, Nyack NY     26 May 2006

A high-resolution glider section across the Pacific South Equatorial Current  

Poster at AGU Ocean Sciences, Honolulu     21 Feb 2006

The Pacific Upwelling and Mixing Physics (PUMP) experiment  

Presentation at OGP, Silver Spring MD     10 Feb 2006

The circulation of the eastern tropical Pacific  

UW class lecture, Seattle     3 Nov 2005

The Solomon Sea in the Pacific-Indian Ocean Exchange  

IAPSO, Cairns     24 Aug 2005

Subtropical cell and vertical structure in the South Pacific  

SW Pacific Workshop, Malanda, Australia     19 Aug 2005

Zonal Currents in the SW tropical Pacific  

SW Pacific Workshop, Malanda, Australia     19 Aug 2005

The Pacific Upwelling and Mixing Physics (PUMP) experiment  

Presentations at NCEP, GFDL and Lamont     18-20 May 2005
Version given at the U.S. CLIVAR SSC, Miami     28 Jan 2005

TAO 101 lecture: Currents in the tropical Pacific  

PMEL     12 Apr 2005

The circulation of the southwest Pacific   (In French)

IRD seminar, Nouméa     18 Oct 2004

Eastern tropical Pacific circulation: Vertical motion

Review talk at PanAm Workshop, Boulder     16 Sep 2003

El Niño: How it works, how we observe it

Lecture to AMS teachers workshop, Seattle     30 June 2003
La version donné à l'Université de la Nouvelle Calédonie     29 June 2004
Lecture at the Univ. of the South Pacific, Honiara, Solomon Islands     18 Sep 2006

Is ENSO a cycle or a series of events?

Given at:
EGS Joint Assembly, Nice     8 Apr 2003
La version donné à l'IRD, Nouméa     20 Aug 2004

Most of the links below here are html files (lists of figures) ...
Mean 3-dimensional circulation in the northeast tropical Pacific

Given at:
U of Hawaii   IPRC seminar,   2 Feb 2001
UW   PO seminar,   28 Feb 2001
PMEL   Earthquake make-up seminar,   5 Mar 2001
OSU   PO seminar,   6 Mar 2001
Scripps   PO seminar,   6 Jun 2001
CICESE (Ensenada)   PO seminar,   8 Jun 2001
CSIRO Marine Lab.   Frohlich seminar,   15 Mar 2002
EGS Joint Assembly, Nice     7 Apr 2003 (pdf version)

Sverdrup and nonlinear dynamics of the Pacific South Equatorial Current

Given at:
UW   PO seminar,   24 Oct 2001
OSU   PO seminar,   30 Oct 2001
Lamont   PO seminar,   6 Dec 2001
NCAR   PO seminar,   7 Dec 2001
Scripps   PO seminar,   9 Jan 2002
Flinders Univ.   PO seminar,   5 Feb 2002
CSIRO Marine Lab.   Frohlich seminar,   22 Feb 2002
WHOI   PO seminar,   9 July 2002
CICESE   Pedro Ripa Memorial Colloquium,   3 Oct 2002
KNMI     14 Apr 2003

ENSO perspectives (observations)

Given at:
ICTP (Trieste, Italy)   ENSO conference,   11 June 2002

The Sverdrup circulation in the tropical Pacific observed by scatterometer winds

Given at:
AGU Fall Meeting     7 Dec 2002

Rectification of the Madden-Julian Oscillation into the ENSO cycle

Given at various places in various versions .....

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