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  • Kessler, W.S., R.E. Davis, K. Takeuchi and R. Lukas (2001): The Pacific Basin Extended Climate Study. In: Observing the Ocean in the 21st Century, C.J. Koblinsky and N.R. Smith (eds), Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Zhang, C., H.H. Hendon, W.S. Kessler and A.J. Rosati (2001): A workshop on the MJO and ENSO: Meeting summary. Bull.Am.Met.Soc., 82(5), 971-976.
  • Kessler, W.S. (1997): El Nino. Hardy Palm International (Quarterly journal of the Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society), 32, 8-12.
  • Taft, B.A. and W.S. Kessler (1987): On the effects of salinity on the dynamics of the tropical Pacific circulation. Trop. Ocean-Atmos. Newslett., 41, 8-10.

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