What's New Archive, 2004

December, 2004 

Italian tube transportation system (Pipenet) website has been updated and an English section added

Small dualmode bus being developed in Japan by Japanese Railways, uses both conventional rails and roads

Link to new video from Norway, showing Skyweb Express application near Oslo

Link to the report of the National Commission on Energy Policy, Dec. 2004

Draft report from the Advanced Transportation Technology Forum held in Houston now available on-line, 5/12 technologies were
selected for further study (13 pages, pdf format) Final report expected in January, 2005

Link to new content at Korean BT dualmode website

Improving Metropolitan Decision-Making in Transportation: Funding and Devolution for Greater Accountability, by Robert Puentes, Brookings Institution, 2003

November, 2004

New Jersey legislature passes a bill that requires a study of PRT, to be completed in late 2005

Link to the Hytran suspended monorail website

Link to a new small-vehicle PRT-type system called Autotran

Request for proposals for PRT system services from the BAA

New website devoted to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) data now available

October, 2004 
maitcabindex.jpg (11313 bytes)  Innovative Transport Simulator iTS MAIT - free software and User's Guide now available
New Chinese-made Maglev Technology announced - designed for intraurban travel

Program: Advanced Transportation Technology Forum, Houston, Texas 

Intelligent Multimode Transit System (IMTS) being developed by Toyota

Links to several new papers that are now on-line at the Magplane website

MiniCatsindex.jpg (10512 bytes)  Link to website for the French Air Car  (in English)

September, 2004 

Link to new French website on Aerotrain et Naviplane - very interesting history of transportation innovation, has English version and includes several illustrations.

Velotaxi website: German company, muscle-powered with electrical assistance, room for two people plus some baggage, many dealers in Europe and other countries (none in the USA yet).

Automated Guideway Transit: Assessment of PRT and Other New Systems, Office of Technology Assessment, 1975, 375 pp, pdf format

New website for SurreySystem dualmode concept

New type of monorail being developed in Houston, Texas, called Mezzanine Transit

Personal Transportation System (PTS) - a dualmode concept being developed in California

A Perfect Synthesis (LeviCar maglev dualmode concept description), by Joshua Zev Levin

What are the real options for reducing 'Car Dependence'?, by Ray Brindle, 7-page article by an Australian author

New introductory-level website describes PRT concepts with interesting animations, in English and Spanish

August, 2004

Link to Autoway website - a PRT concept now being developed in the U.S.

Transport Research Knowledge Centre - an extensive resource of transportation programmes and research results funded by the European Union and at European national level.

Seattle design community attacks monorail project

Cascadia Monorail Press Kit regarding Seattle monorail project now available

Link to "The Design, Operation and Benefits of Sky Web Express", by J. Edward Anderson, 20 pp

New Mega/Micro/CargoRail presentations:

  MegaRail Background and Products Booklet updated.gif (168 bytes)
  MegaRail Products Overview presentation updated.gif (168 bytes)

High Speed Rail pages:

  MegaRail High-speed Rail Presentation updated.gif (168 bytes)
  Presentation of alternate to proposed Texas Corridor updated.gif (168 bytes)

MegaRail Commuter and Urban Rail pages:

  Commuter Rail Presentation updated.gif (168 bytes)
  Urban Light Rail Problems and Solutions presentation updated.gif (168 bytes)
  Technical data for MegaRail  Urban transport systems new3.gif (1292 bytes)

MicroRail Urban Transport pages:

  Urban Light Rail Problems and Solutions presentation updated.gif (168 bytes)
  Technical data for MicroRail Urban transport systems new3.gif (1292 bytes)

CargoRail page:

  CargoRail Presentation new3.gif (1292 bytes)

Logistics Systems for Sustainable Cities, 2003 Conference Proceedings

July, 2004

Link to the Institute for City Logistics - for current information about moving goods in urban areas

New animations now available for the RUF dualmode system - click on "Movies" to see them

The Hallucigenia Project: Incorporating Robotics with Vehicle Technology

Six pages of photos of the new Las Vegas monorail

New slide show from Blade Runner in the U.K.

Futuristic Transportation - an exhibit sponsored by the UC-Berkeley library, includes a section on PRT

Skytaxi Power Point slide show now available on-line, 2+ megs

SkyCabs - a GRT concept featuring two-way travel on a monobeam being developed in New Zealand

Great Rail Disasters, by Randal O'Toole, June 2004, 84 pp, pdf file, now available on-line

whyphoenix.jpg (11917 bytes) New book entitled Why Phoenix?, by Robert S. Ruehrdanz - it's a "first" novel, self-published.

A Growth Vision for Southern California - report now available on-line, includes plans for a region-wide maglev system

Update and article on the Blade Runner dualmode system being developed in the U.K.

June, 2004

Updated system concepts presentation from RUF International now available

Updated system concepts presentation from MegaRail Transportation now available

Maglev on the Development Track for Urban Transportation

Top 25 Origins of Visitors to the ITT Website, May 2004

First International Conference on Modern Monorail Technology, Austin, Texas, September 24-25, 2004

Enoch, Wixley and Ison, Practical Lessons for Winning Support for Radical Transport Proposals, World Transport Policy and Practice, 10:1, 2004

May, 2004

TRB Committee on Circulation and Driverless Transit Call for Abstracts for 2005 TRB Meeting, January, 2005, Washington, D.C., Deadlines: June 15 for Abstract, August 1 for full paper.

Some Suggested Attributes of a High Potential Personal Rapid Transit Project, by J.B. Schneider

Advocacy Lessons Learned for Getting the FIRST PRT System Built, by Steve Raney

Transit-Alternatives discussion list terminated, but replaced by Techtalk, Policy and Announce e-mail lists, visit ATRA website to subscribe to one or all.

Call for abstracts, International Automated Peoplemovers Conference, Orlando, FL, May 1-4, 2005

Link to article entitled "An Automated PRT System for Landside Airport Operations", February, 2004

April, 2004

Link to paper entitled "Suburban Silver Bullet: PRT Shuttle + Wireless Commute Assistant and Privacy Protecting Commute Shed Study Using Cellular Location Tracking", by Steve Raney

Link to website for the Munich Maglev Project (English version now available)

Call for abstracts, 10th Conference on Transportation Planning Applications, April 24-28, Portland, Oregon (deadline for abstracts is August 13, 2004)

Link to The Dualmode Transportation Revolution, by Francis D. Reynolds

Call for Papers, New Public Transportation Systems and Technology committee, for the Transportation Research Board meeting, Washington, D.C., January, 2005

Update on status of ADART Dial-a-Ride application in Corpus Christi, TX

Link to website for Atmostrack, a compressed air concept being developed in the U.K.

Link to Sustainable Silver Bullet Study: PRT for Palo Alto, CA

An Overview of Automated Guideway Transit in Japan, Part I, by Leroy Demery, 23 page pdf file (560k).

Link to critique of PRT by Light Rail Now and responses from four PRT advocates

Maglev 2004 - 18th International Conference on Magnetically Levitation and Linear Drives, Shanghai, China, October 25-28, 2004 - 125 papers from 13 countries

BASim simulation program description - used by Austrans GRT to assist their planning activities

Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) to hold meeting at SeaTac, Washington, May 14-15, 2004

Projected Evolution of Surface Transportation Systems in the USA

Innovative Transportation Technology - list of U.S. Patents

March, 2004

Link to Councilman Zimmerman's PRT network concept for downtown Minneapolis  - excellent graphic presentation

Link to Russian suspended vehicle concept, called Transcar (in Russian only but some illustrations are provided)

Link to Aerobus news about new project in Weihai, China

 macbookcover2.jpg (14181 bytes) New book now available: 21st Century Personal Rapid Transit, by Raymond MacDonald

Link to new Texas Transportation Corridor proposal from Megarail

Link to new dualmode concept, called Puget Pullway

New dualmode Power Point presentation now available

Update on status of Blade Runner dualmode concept

Link to: Electrified Guideways: A More Realistic Vision than the "Freedom Car", by Bruce A. McHenry

Illustration of a RUF dualmode network for Copenhagen, from a planning report written in Danish

February, 2004

Magtube, Inc. -  focus is on moving freight at present time.

MonoMetro Monorail releases a short, but very high quality, animation (download
the Waterloo Bridge file to see it) - more similar animations planned

Meeting the Challenge of Serving Large Complex Systems with Group Rapid Transit, by Richard Arthur

January, 2004

US DOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics releases 2004 Pocket Guide to Transportation (free, click on "products" for ordering information, 50 pp.)

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