Logistics Systems for Sustainable Cities

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on City Logistics (Madeira, Portugal, 25-27 June, 2003)

Edited By:

Eiichi Taniguchi, Kyoto University and R G Thompson, The University of Melbourne


Urban freight transport has become an important issue in urban planning.
There are many challenges and problems relating to increasing levels of
traffic congestion, environmental impacts and energy consumption. City
logistics schemes are relatively new concepts that are aimed at increasing
the efficiency of urban freight transport systems as well as reducing
traffic congestion and impacts on the environment. However, new modelling,
evaluation and planning techniques are required to conduct in-depth
investigations before city logistics measures can be effectively deployed.

This book, Logistics Systems for Sustainable Cities, is an outcome of the
Third International Conference on City Logistics (City Logistics III held in
Madeira in 2003) organised by the Institute for City Logistics

It includes recent developments in the modelling, evaluation and planning
of city logistics schemes. Since city logistics measures have already
been implemented in several cities, a review of the performance of these
innovative schemes is presented. As well, an overview of the visions for
city logistics and public private partnerships for city logistics is given.

A summary of the OECD report, Delivering the Goods: 21st Century
Challenges for Urban Goods Transport, is included. Recent developments
in e-Commerce and e-Logistics are covered.

The cover shows the beautiful Madeira Island, Portugal where the Third
International Conference on City Logistics was held.


For researchers and city planners for evaluating City Logistics policies and
measures to help solve urban freight problems



Visions For City Logistics. (E. Taniguchi, R. G. Thompson, T. Yamada).

Urban Freight Movements and Public Private Partnerships. (M. Browne et al.)

Transport Demand, Transport and Traffic Flow - Key Elements of City
Logistics. (R. Raicu, S. Raicu)

Assessment of the Relationship Between Vehicle Type Mix and the Benefit of
Freight Projects. (K. Kawamura, A.Seetharaman, S. D. Bhatta)

Estimation of an Origin-Destination Matrix for Urban Freight Transport:
Application to the City of Seville. (J. Muruzuri et al.)

A New Interactive Approach on Route Planning With Tight Delivery Time
Windows. (O. Kunze)

Intelligent Vehicle Routing and Scheduling. (R. G. Thompson)

Road Network Reliability Analysis Using Vehicle Routing and Scheduling
Procedures. (T. Yamada, Y. Yoshimura, K. Mori)

On The Estimation of the Maximum Efficiency of the Trucking Industry:
Implications for City Logistics. (J. Holguin-Veras)

Modelling Effects of E-Commerce on Urban Freight Transport. (E. Taniguchi,
Y. Kakimoto)

Last-Mile, a Procedure to set-up an Optimized Delivery Scheme. (G. Fusco,
L. Tatarelli, M. P.Valentini)

Towards a Matching System for the Auction of Transport Orders. (R. van Duin,
J.C. Kneyber)

Systems Theory, Complexity and Supply Organizational Models to Enrich
City Logistics: An Approach. (J. C. de Carvalho)

Assessing Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Abatement Measures on Urban
Freight. (L. Marquez et al.)

The Environmental Assessment of Urban Goods Movement. (E. Segalou,
C. Ambrosini, J. L. Routhier)

Route Choice and the Impact of 'Logistic Routes'. (J. Vleugel, M. Janic)

Empirical Analysis on Hazardous Material Transportation Using Road
Traffic Census and Accident Data. (T. Ito et al.)

Analysing the Potential Impacts of Sustainable Distribution Measures in
UK Urban Areas. (J. Allen et al.)

Future City Logistics in Japan From the Shippers' and carriers' View.
(K. Hayashi, Y. Yano)

City Logistics in Italy a National Project. (S. Gragnani, G. Valenti, M. P.

Developments in Urban Distribution in London. (M. Baybars, M. Browne).
An Experimental Cooperative Parcel Pick-up System Using the Internet in
the Central Business District in Tokyo. (T. Nemoto)

New Ideas for the City-Logistics Project in Kassel. (U. Kohler).
A Study on the Setting-up of Lorry-Dedicated Routes in the Brussels
Capital Region. (W. Debauche)

New Concepts for City Logistics. (J. C. Rijsenbrij)

Urban Rail and Intermodal Freight Strategies in the Zurich Area:
A Case Study From Switzerland. (M. Ruesch)

On-Line Retailing in France Current and Future Effects on City
Logistics. (D. Patier, L. Alligier)

Dispelling the E-Commerce and Urban Transport Environmental
Doomsday Forecasts: A Counter Intuitive Australian Case Study-
The Postal Transport Network Restructure, 1995 to 2000. (K. Hassall)

E-Commerce and End Delivery Issues. (M. Stumm, D. Bollo).
Web-based Transport Exchange Systems in Japan and its Implication
to Traffic Volume. (R. Yoshimoto)

Summary of the OECD Report : Delivering the Goods-21st Century
Challenges to Urban Goods Transport, OECD Programme of Research
on Road Transport and Intermodal Linkages, Working Group on Urban
Freight Logistics

Sustainable City Logistic Solutions. (Kjaersgaard, H. E. Jensen)

The E+Transport Environmental Operator Classification System. (K. Hassall).
Relationships Between Goods Distribution and Public Transport in Urban
Areas. (A. Costa, S. Melo)

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