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Neuroscience For Kids

Treasure Hunt #12

Treasure -- Treasure -- Treasure

Do I have your attention now? Here is a contest, a game, a challenge.

Your job is to find the answers to 10 questions related to the brain and nervous system. All of the answers can be found right here on the pages of "Neuroscience for Kids." Send me an e-mail ( when you have found all of the answers.

It's easy! If you send me the correct answers to all of the questions, you will win the Golden Neuron Award.

"What is the Golden Neuron Award?," you ask? It is NOT fame, fortune and a new car. The Golden Neuron Award is recognition on a SPECIAL PAGE.

Treasure hunt #12 is OPEN right now...

[email] Send your answers to me (Dr. Eric H. Chudler) at Include whatever information about yourself that you want posted on this page (name, grade, school, age). If you don't want your name posted, just say so.

Winners with the correct answers will be listed on the GOLDEN NEURON AWARD PAGE.


Here are the questions:

  1. What is the name of the method used to describe the location of scalp electrodes used to record the electroencephalogram (EEG)?
  2. Describe one way that the brain is similar to a computer?
  3. Describe one way that the brain is different from a computer?
  4. Name two common symptoms of bacterial meningitis?
  5. What is the median of this set of numbers: 1,2,2,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  6. What is the name of the neurotoxin used by the Chilean fire tarantula?
  7. Who wrote: "As long as our brain is a mystery, the universe, the reflection of the structure of the brain will also be a mystery."
  8. Name one of the three bones in the middle ear.
  9. Name one type of glial cell.
  10. Name one Hollywood movie that incorporates a neuroscientific theme into its plot.

Can you answer these questions? If so, go for the gold...the Golden Neuron Award, that is.

Send your answers to me (Dr. Eric H. Chudler) at

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