An illustration of several modes of teaching
Higher education teaching happens in many different contexts

Informatics Teaching Guide

by Amy J. Ko

1st edition

Teaching is hard, especially in higher education, where few people have a formal training in learning, teaching, or education. I wrote this book to support the teachers in the University of Washington Information school who lack training in teaching, providing a personal, but also evidence-based understanding of teaching and learning. It shouldn’t take more than 1 hour to read, and should provide the knowledge you need to structure your practice as a teacher.

I hope you enjoy! If not, please file an  issue  on the book’s  GitHub repository .

An illustration of two different classrooms Chapter 1


<5 min read
A line drawing of Informatics students gathering in front of the columns. Chapter 2


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An illustration of databases, code, questions, and networks Chapter 3


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The University of Washington block logo. Chapter 4


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An illustration of many students and the contents of one’s head. Chapter 5


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An illustration of a teacher in front of a classroom Chapter 6


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An illustration of a course website. Chapter 7


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An illustration of grade points corresponding to progressively happy smiley faces. Chapter 8


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An illustration of two people having an argument. Chapter 9


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Four panels showing a teacher reaching successively more students. Chapter 10


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Thank you to my many colleagues who’ve offered feedback on the book.

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Amy J. Ko (2023). Informatics Teaching Guide. …, retrieved 11/18/2023.