Vikramaditya Prakash, Professor of Architecture, University of Washington

A House Deconstructed: 1119 25th Avenue East, Seattle WA 98112

Office of (Un)Certainty Research What is the backstory of this house completed in 2018? Most architects might think they know to the answers, but in truth, they are just as ignorant as the general population. This Structural Silence pervades the entire profession and is even fundamental in schools of architecture, where despite a lot of talk about Sustainability, pedagogy refuses […]

Cenotaph for Niels Bohr

The Cenotaph for Niels Bohr builds on the tradition of previous cenotaph’s for Isaac Newton by Jean Étienne-Louis Boullée (1784) and for Albert Einstein by Lebbeus Woods (2009). As cenotaphs, these are not memorials, but dedicatory objects that aspire to give conceptual form to larger ideas embodied in part by the people they enshrine. If  Boullée’s cenotaph for Newton embodied […]

Recomposing Temple Complex

This Recomposting Temple Complex is where human bodies can not only be composted, but also where bodies can be ceremonially received, prepared, and honorifically “sent off” to the recomposting islands just off-shore from the temple. The originating conceit of the project is that while the science of human body recomposting is well developed, we don’t yet have a cognizant and […]

Tirtha – An Architectural Opera

The operatic tradition, in the West, thrills in presenting and re-presenting, the well-worn drama, with exaggerated auditory and visual delight. With Tirtha, OUR aspires to present architecture with the same auditory and visual delight, thereby inaugurating a new tradition for architectural representation. By adding narrative, music and spectacle to it, Tirtha seeks to transform the dull architectural custom of the […]