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Simulation and Solver Control
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  • SOLVER: (differential equation solver error tolerances)
  • SIMCON: (step size and time cutoffs)


A biophysical simulation is a numerical solution to the VC system of models for a specific exposure scenario. The results from a biophysical simulation are comparable to the results from a single experiment. Input files can be setup so that multiple exposure scenarios (different combinations of dose, dose rate, dose fractionation, etc., etc.) are executed in a single computer run. This section of the manual describes keywords that can be used to control the duration of the exposure scenario (SIMCON: keyword) and the behavior of the algorithm used to solve the systems of differential equations used in the VC software (SOLVER: keyword).  The way residual damage is treated at the conclusion of a simulation (i.e., is it lethal or non-lethal) can be controlled using the FRDL parameter under the (SIMCON: keyword).

Tip: The default SOLVER: parameters have proven highly satisfactory and are generally recommended for all Virtual Cell calculations, unless of course you encounter a problem .)

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Last updated: 10 June, 2011