ANTH 410A | ENVIR 410A | ESRM 405A

Ecology, Economy, and Politics of Resource-Extraction Ecosystems

Spring Quarter 2017
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-11:20, Denny 212
Field trips all day Fridays April 14, May 12, and May 26

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Forest General
Forest Local
Forest Post-Trip
Aquaculture Ecology
Aquaculture Politics
Aquaculture Local
Dairy General
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To pass this class, students are required to complete all of the following tasks, some of them graded and some not:
  • Complete the readings for each section. The readings, along with the field trips, are the basic sources of information.
  • Serve as a presenter or discussant for some of the readings for each unit. We will assign presenters and discussants before each unit.
  • Post on the Class Discussion Board a 200 word or longer (requirements vary from day to day) comment on the readings for each class (other than the post-mortems) the night before class. Please note that the due time varies: when other students or guest presenters need to pick up on your posts for their class presentations and discussions, the posts are due at 7 p.m. When there is no student-led discussion the next day, you have until midnight.
  • Go on all three field trips. If you can't go, there is no way to make them up. If you have a true emergency, such as you wake up violently ill on the trip day, we will work something out. If you just oversleep, sorry.
  • Keep a field journal on each trip, and use it as a basis for your comments posted on the discussion board on the days of the post-mortem classes for the three trips.
  • Write a 1500-2000 word essay on an assignment related to each type of ecosystem, and turn it in to the instructor by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday or Friday following the last class session of that unit, Mondays April 24, Friday May 19, and Monday, June 5