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Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative


Big Ideas, Learning Outcomes, Skills, and References

Relevant to a Sustainability Course or Curriculum





Sustainability Frameworks and Manifestos


What follows in the left column are links to a variety of models or frameworks that attempt to define essential principles for sustainability, sustainable development, or a sustainability education.  On the right are links to various manifestos proposing ways we can pursue sustainability and sustainable development.  Before you dive into these various models and proposals, first check out this model titled Sustainability Infusion Flow Chart generated by Claus Svendsen of Skagit Valley College.  Dr. Svendsen is one of the members of the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community and this model is his take on how sustainability manifests in big ideas, skills, and habits of mind in the college curriculum.  







3 Dimensions/Pillars of Sustainability 68

Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development 79



Triple Bottom Line 67

Earth Summit Agenda 21 80

The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability 69

United Nations Millennium Declaration 81

The Natural Step Four System Conditions 70

United Nations Millennium Development Goals 35

5 Core Principles of Sustainability 71

Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development 82

Spatial Dimensions of Sustainability 72

The Earth Charter 83

8 Pillars of a Sustainable Community 73

Resilience and Sustainable Development 84

The Hannover Principles 74

Sustainability Manifesto 85

Education for Sustainability Standards 75

Great Transition Initiative 86

Creating a Sustainability Curriculum 76

Plan B 87

Interdisciplinarity and Sustainability in the Higher Education Institution 77

The Talloires Declaration 88

Achieving Transformative Sustainability Learning 78

Toward A Sustainable Community 89



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Definitions and Facets of Sustainability

Indicators of Sustainability

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Sustainability Frameworks and Manifestos

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