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Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative


Big Ideas, Learning Outcomes, Skills, and References

Relevant to a Sustainability Course or Curriculum





Definitions and Facets of Sustainability


Click here to download a printable document with a variety of definitions of sustainability and sustainable development.  It is useful to get students thinking about the commonalities and departures in the many definitions.


What follows is a list of the facets of sustainability that has been adapted from Wals and Jickling (2002) . 22





“Sustainability has many faces and features which greatly enhance its educational potential from a more emancipatory perspective.”


These faces include sustainability as:



·         A dynamic and evolving concept;

·         A movement, a vision to work toward;

·         Ideological and therefore political;

·         Negotiated, the result of ongoing negotiations;

·         Contextual, its meaning is dependent on the situation in which it is used;

·         Controversial and the source of conflict;

·         Normative, ethical and moral;

·         Innovation or a catalyst for change;

·         A heuristic, a tool to aid thinking;

·         Interdisciplinary and holistic in nature;

·         A (temporary) stepping stone in the evolution of environmental education and of environmental thought.



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