LiveOcean: Pacific Northwest Ocean and Estuary Forecasts

TODAY'S Forecasts: Puget Sound Oil Spills | Puget Sound Hypoxia | Willapa Bay Ocean Acidification

LiveOcean Salinity Snapshot

LiveOcean is a computer model simulating ocean water properties. It makes 3-day forecasts of currents, temperature, salinity and many biogeochemical fields including harmful algal blooms.

LiveOcean is an ongoing project of the UW Coastal Modeling Group: Dr. Parker MacCready (UW Oceanography, lead), Dr. Samantha Siedlecki (U. Connecticut, oxygen & carbon chemistry), Dr. Ryan McCabe (UW JISAO, validation), Dr. Neil Banas (University of Strathclyde, Scotland, ecosystem modeling), and David Darr (computational systems).

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