This is a movie made from the most recent LiveOcean three-day forecast.

This movie shows the predicted distribution aragonite saturation state (Ωarag) for surface waters in the three main estuaries on the Washington Coast. When the aragonite saturation state is below about 1.5 it is likely that larval oysters will not survive because they will be unable to form shells. This movie highlights the river contribution to this problem. In particular, water from the Columbia River can also be corrosive, and this water often enters Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor during downwelling conditions (winds from the south, typical of storms any time of year).

The movie has a panel at the bottom that shows time. The tide is evident in the twice-a-day variation of the sea surface height. Daytimes are shown as the thick yellow lines on the horizontal axis. Winds are shown by an arrow in the middle of the map, with the scale given by the circle.