8/16/2015 - Steven Morgan had a paper accepted at ICCSM 2015 and will be presenting a work in progress poster at the conference on Oct 22-23.

8/4/2015 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSA for developing security mechanisms for machine learning algorithms

5/8/2015 - Two students, Julio Perez and Zealous Zhu, were awarded NASA Summer Undergraduate Research Program grants to participate in research in my lab

8/21/2014 - I was awarded a $300k grant from the NSF for dynamic generation of virtual laboratories for cyber security education

My primary research interest is security in emerging environments. I am currently exploring topics such as distributed trust in pervasive systems, security in wireless communication systems, secure machine learning, secure electronic voting, and cyber security education. A reasonably up-to-date copy of my CV is available here

If you are interested in taking CSS497 with me, see my Guidelines. These guidelines generally apply for 595 and 700 also. Contact me and begin this process as early as possible in order to have the best opportunity to succeed.

I am currently looking for students at all levels to work with me on my research. Funding may be available for some projects. Send me an email (see contact information above) if you are interested..