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About Me


2004 Ph.D. UC Berkeley Dissertation Topic: The Occurrence and Environmental Fate of Steroid Hormones with Endocrine and Pheromonal Activity in Fish.
1999 M.S. UC Berkeley with honors in Environmental Engineering
1998 B.S. Johns Hopkins University with general honors in Chemical Engineering

Curriculum Vitae if you are interested in any details..

Why Water Quality and Environmental Engineering?

Fundamentally, I am a person who is passionate about the outdoors and the amazing environment we live in. We can’t live without it, it is worth our care and protection, and I see environmental engineering both as necessary step on an inevitable path to societal and ecological sustainablity and a way to mimimize the ecological footprint that our human activities have on our surrounding environment.

What I do for fun and because I like the stories…

Rock Climbing keeps me busy on my (rare) free time.  Great days with friends outside playing around on the cliffs problem solving things with your body… what else is there to say?  So fun.   

Climbing Red Rocks

Some favorite climbs and adventures: The Nose, Yosemite; Serenity Crack/Sons of Yesterday, Yosemite; American Wet Dream, Tuolumne Meadows; OZ, Tuolumne Meadows; Lucky Streaks, Tuolumne Meadows; Ygdrasil, Incredible Hulk; Grand Wall, Stawamus Chief; Fine Jade, The Rectory; Lightning Bolt Cracks, North Six Shooter; Petit Grepon, RMNP; Pingora, Wind Rivers; Direct Exum, Grand Tetons; Picture Peak, Sierras; What’s My Line, Cochise Stronghold; Absinthe of Mallet, Cochise Stronghold; Black Elk, Wind Rivers; Clean Break, North Cascades.

Fly Fishing on the Truckee during an evening hatch was hard to beat when I lived there..  still probably my favorite river to fish.

Favorite Waters: MA 9-11 beaches around Puget Sound, the West End, Truckee  and the overused, but still great, Little Truckee; Yuba; McCloud; Smith; Deschutes; Upper Connecticut; Penobscot; and a variety of other special places that need no mention.

Surfing when I can get to the coast.  Haven’t been much lately, but the salt lives in my blood and there is nothing quite like a glassy morning with a nice solid swell wrapping in.  Life can be perfect out in the water on some days.

Favorite Surf: Ocean Beach; SF; Waddell Coast, Santa Cruz; Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz; Nexpa, Mexico; Cathedral Rock, AUS; Saltwater Creek, AUS; and the sand point break at Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.

Backcountry Skiing during the winter is one way to get to some beautiful places.  Spent time out on Tamarack Peak, Maggie’s Peaks, and a few other Tahoe places.  Fewer days out in Washington, but those will come too.