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Most of my publications focus on the environmental fate and management of harmful chemicals in aquatic systems. These include identification of bioactive transformation products, characterizing roadway runoff and tire rubber compositions, mass spectrometry of organic contaminants at trace levels, and using high resolution mass spectrometry in environmental systems.   Links to select papers that best represent our research efforts can be found below.

Toxic Tires and 6PPD-Quinone (yep, we discovered it.)

  • Tian, Z., Zhao, H.Q., Peter, K.T., Gonzalez, M., Wetzel, J., Wu, C., Hu, X., Prat, J., Mudrock, E., Hettinger, R., Cortina, A.E., Biswas, R.G., Kock, F.V.C., Soong, R., Jenne, A., Du, B., Hou, F., He, H., Lundeen, R., Gilbreath, A., Sutton, R., Scholz, N.L. Davis, J.W., Dodd, M.C., Simpson, A., McIntyre, J.K., Kolodziej, E.P. 2021. “Ubiquitous Tire Rubber-Derived Chemical Induces Acute Mortality in Coho Salmon.” Science. Published online 12/3/20, in print 1/8/21. 371 (6525) 185-189. DOI 10.1126/science.abd6951
  • Tian, Z., Gonzalez, M., Rideout, C., Zhao, H., Hu, X., Wetzel, J., Mudrock, E., James, C.A., McIntyre, J.K., Kolodziej, E.P. “6PPD-Quinone: Revised Toxicity Assessment and Quantification Method Development with a Commercial Standard.” Environ. Sci. Technol. Letters.  9 (2) 140-146. DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.1c00910
  • Peter, K.T., Tian, Z., Wu, C., Lin, P., White, S., Du, B., McIntyre, J.K., Scholz, N.L., Kolodziej E.P.   “Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry to Identify Organic Contaminants Linked to Urban Stormwater Mortality Syndrome in Coho Salmon.”  Environ. Sci. Technol., 52(18) 10317-10327.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.8b03287
  • Hu, X., Zhao, H., Tian, Z., Peter K.T., Dodd, M.D., Kolodziej, E.P. 2022. “Transformation Product Formation Upon Heterogeneous Ozonation of the Tire Rubber Antioxidant 6PPD (N-(1,3-dimethylbutyl)-N‘-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine).” Sci. Technol. Letters. 9(5) 413-419. DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.2c00187

Water Quality of Urban Systems

  • Peter, K.T., Hou, F., Tian Z., Wu C., Goehring, M., Liu, F., Kolodziej E.P. 2020. “More Than a First Flush: Urban Creek Storm Hydrographs Reveal Broad Contaminant Pollutographs” Sci. Technol. 54(10) 6152-6165.   DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.0c00872
  • Peter, K.T., Lundeen, J.I., Wu, C., Feist, B., 3Tian, Z., Cameron, J., Scholz, N.L.. Kolodziej, E.P. 2022. “Measuring The Chemical Profile of Biological Decline in Stormwater-Impacted Watersheds.” Sci. Technol.  56(5) 3159-3169. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c08274
  • Peter, K.T., Herzog, S., Tian, Z., Wu, C., McCray, J.E., Lynch, K., Kolodziej, E.P. “Evaluating Emerging Organic Contaminant Removal in an Engineered Hyporheic Zone using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.”  Water Research150 (3), 140-152. DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2018.11.050
  • Tian, Z., Peter, K.T., Gipe, A.D., Zhou, H., Hou, F., Wark, D.A., Kolodziej, E.P., James, C.A. “Suspect and Non-target Screening for Contaminants of Emerging Concern in an Urban Estuary.” Environ. Sci. Technol.  54(2) 889-901.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.9b06126

Bioactive Transformation Products

  • Cwiertny, D.M. Schlenk, D., Snyder, S.A., Kolodziej E.P. 2014. “Environmental Designer Drugs:  When Transformation Does Not Eliminate Risk.”  Sci. Technol. 48(20) 11737-11745. DOI: 10.1021/es503425w
  • Zhou, H., Tian, Z., Kim, K.E., Wang, R., Lam, K., Kolodziej, E.P. 2021. “Biotransformation of Current-Use Progestins Dienogest and Drospirenone in Laboratory Scale Activated Sludge Systems Forms High-Yield Products with Altered Endocrine Activity.”   Sci. Technol.  55(20) 13869-13880.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c03805
  • Pflug, N.C., Kupsco, A., Kolodziej, E.P., Schlenk, D., Teesch, L.M., Gloer, J.B., Cwiertny, D.M. “Formation of Bioactive Transformation Products During Glucocorticoid Chlorination.” Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology3, 450-461. DOI 10.1039/C7EW00033B
  • Pflug, N.C., Hankard, M.K., Berg, S.M., O’Connor, M., Gloer, J.C., Kolodziej, E.P., Cwiertny, D.M., Wammer, K.H.   “Environmental Photochemistry of Dienogest: Phototransformation to Estrogenic Products and Increased Environmental Persistence via Reversible Photohydration.” Environ. Sci. Processes Impacts. 19, 1414-1426, DOI: 10.1039/c7em00346c

High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

  • Peter, K.T., Tian, Z., Wu, C., Kolodziej, E.P.   “Application of Non-Target High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data to Quantitative Source Apportionment.” Environ. Sci. Technol.  53(21) 12257-12268.  DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.9b04481
  • Du, B., Lofton, J.M., Peter, K.T., Gipe, A.D., James, C.A., McIntyre, J.K., Scholz, N.L., Baker, J.E., Kolodziej, E.P.   “Development of Suspect and Non-Target Screening Methods for Detection of Organic Contaminants in Highway Runoff and Fish Tissue with High-Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry.”  Environ. Sci. Processes Impacts. 19, 1185-1196.   DOI 10.1039/C7EM00243B

Fate and Transport of Steroid Hormones

  • Qu, S., Kolodziej, E.P., Long, S.A., Gloer, J.B., Patterson, E.V., Baltrusaitis, J., 2Jones, G.D., 1Benchetler, P.V., 2Cole, E.A., 1Kimbrough, K.C., Tarnoff, M.D., Cwiertny, D.M. 2013. “Product-to-Parent Reversion of Trenbolone: Unrecognized Risks for Endocrine Disruption.” Science. Published online 9/26/2013, in print 10/18/2013. 342(6156), 347-351. DOI 10.1126/science.1243192
  • Jones, G.D., Benchetler, P.V., Tate, K.W., Kolodziej E.P. 2014. “Trenbolone Acetate Metabolite Transport in Rangelands and Irrigated Pastures: Observations and Conceptual Approaches for Agro-Ecosystems.” Sci. Technol. 48(21) 12569-12576.   DOI: 10.1021/es503406h
  • Jones, G.D., 1Benchetler, P.V., Tate, K.W., Kolodziej E.P. 2014. “Mass Balance Approaches to Characterizing the Leaching Potential of Trenbolone Acetate Metabolites in Agro-Ecosystems.” Sci. Technol. 48(7) 3715-3723. DOI 10.1021/es405701f
  • Webster, J.P., Kover, S.C., Bryson, R.J., Harter, T, Mansell D.S., Sedlak D.L., Kolodziej, E.P. 2012. “Occurrence of Trenbolone Acetate Metabolites in Simulated Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Runoff.” Sci. Technol. 46(7), 3803-3810.
  • Kolodziej, E.P., Sedlak D.L.   “Rangeland Grazing as a Source of Steroid Hormones to Surface Waters.”  Environ. Sci. Technol.  41(10), 3514-3520.
  • Kolodziej E.P., Harter T.H., Sedlak D.L. “Dairy Wastewater, Aquaculture, and Spawning Fish as Sources of Steroid Hormones in the Aquatic Environment.” Environ. Sci. Technol. 38(23), 6377-6384.
  • Kolodziej E.P., Gray J.L., Sedlak D.L.   “Quantification of Steroid Hormones with Pheromonal Properties in Municipal Wastewater Effluent.”  Environ. Toxicol. Chem., 22(11), 2622-2629.