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M, 2:30-5:20
W, 2:30-4:20
Thomson 125

K. Gillis-Bridges
Padelford A305
MW, 1:00-2:20

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This course examines the work of female directors from the silent to the contemporary era, concentrating on the work of filmmakers from the U.S., Germany, and France.  Throughout the quarter, we will address the following questions:
  • What, if anything, unites the work of women directors?  Are there particular stylistic or narrative strategies that characterize films directed by women?
  • How does an investigation of women directors change our conception of film history?
  • How does feminist film criticism help us to interpret films made by women?  What challenges do particular directors pose to critics?
  • How do historical, cultural, and industrial factors shape the work of women directors?
As we explore these questions, we will discuss films made both within and outside the mainstream film industry.  We will also hone our critical skills by analyzing how directors structure their films’ narrative and visual styles.