Model Exploration 2: Indonesian Throughflow (Etc!)

Model Exploration 2: Indonesian Throughflow (Etc!)

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     1a. TAO/model comparisons
     1b. Model exploration 1 (E Pacific mixing)
     2.   Model Exploration 2 (Other things)    (This page)
     3.   Model Exploration 3 (circ E of Australia)
     4.   Two-delta-x wave?
     5.   Throughflow XBT lines

     6.   Writeup

This is really a jumble of things done while I didn't know what the hell I was doing ..... and I still don't!

  1. Preliminary checking of the model bottom topography:
    (Also see more plots of topography under section 4.20 (Sill depth of throughflow) on the EAC circulation page. Those shows detail of Omboi Strait, which is the minimum ITF sill in ACOM3.
    1. Model grid structure at each level: 25-20   19-14   13-8   7-2   Surface   
    2. New gridpoints added at each level: 25-20   19-14   13-8   7-2   
    3. ACOM2 vs ACOM3: ITF topography   ITF transport

  2. Velocities across the equator and the throughflow
      ACOM2 (acom3d_daily):
    1. Equator   To 2000m   Detail of NGCU region   NGCU WBC transport
    2. 125°E
    3. 140°W
    4. Time series of ITF transport each strait   ITF vertical structure across each strait
      Compare similar plots from ACOM3 model on another page (see plots 4.20).
    5. Meridional transport integrated across the Pacific, NGCU, ITF: 0-1500m   0-750

      ACOM3 (subdomain_new) (mean over 4 years Jul 92 - Jun 96 only):

    6. ITF vertical structure: On depth   On density   
    7. Top-to-bottom streamfunction (arbitrary constant)
    8. Transport between the New Guinea coast and 180°
    9. Velocity on rho=1024.5: 
      a. Depth of rho=1024.5: Isopycnal   Isotherm 20°C   Difference   
      b. Climatologies: u   v   u anomalies   v anomalies   
      c. In the ITF: v (overlay u)   Speed   Time series at Lombok Strait
      dStreamlines on rho=1024.5
    10. Meridional sections of u (on z and on rho): 180°   165°E   150°E   140°E   135°E   130°E   126°E   121°E   
    11. Quantities on isopycnals: Depths   u   v   Streamlines   Montgomery streamlines   
    12. Dynamic height
    13. a. Two-Delta-x wave??? Vectors   Contours   Sfc Streamlines
      b. Further details:  Surface   150m   Transport   
      c. Vorticity at 150m:  @DDC   @DDF   @DDF (larger region)   
      d. Time history: 2°S: v   Rel Vort   Current direction   Equator: Direction   Direction, EUC at 180°   
      Why does the v-component have this large two-delta-x oscillation?
      Also note how easy it is to be fooled when Ferret plots every other vector!
      More info on the 2-dx wave is on another page
    14. Various things related to friction ...  Mean w along the equator   (Overlay u,w vectors)   Transports in St George's Channel

  3. Circulation east of and around Australia/New Guinea
    See the new page for these many plots ....

  4. Deep currents in ACOM3
    1. U Mean sections: 
      Along W Pacific Eq and 180°   Full equator   Meridional sections   8-year mean at 180°
    2. U Time history at 180°: 
      Annual cycle: Include mean   Demeaned   1 year   2 years   Upper 1000m only   
      Unsmoothed   1-year running mean   Anomalies   Anomalies (upper 1500m detail)   
    3. Snapshots at 6-month intervals following the 97-98 El Niño (anomalies unless noted): 
      a. U on Eq:   Anomalies   (Extend to Jul 00)   Stretched vertical grids:   Anomalies   Total   
      b. U on 180°   Anomalies   Total   Stretched vertical grids: Anomalies   Total   
      c. Off-eq V:   4°N   4°S   
      dU at 500m   Zonal transports
    4. Taux and Z20 time series along the Eq: 1-year running mean   6-month running mean
    5. Time series at various longitudes: U at 180° 150°W, 120°W, 100°W

  5. Comparing ADCP, G/C model and acom3d_daily models ...
    1. Vertically integrated transport in the equatorial Pacific
    2. Meridional sections of mean u in the equatorial Pacific

    3. Advective terms in the zonal mom eqn   Compare G/C model
    4. Curl and Sverdrup-like U from advective terms   Compare G/C model

... Starting sample_new .... Thu May 2 21:32:19 EST 2002
... Done sample_new (l=1:10) .... Thu May 2 21:32:24 EST 2002
... Working .... 310, 710, 1010,
... Done (1010) (sample_new).... Thu May 2 21:41:43 EST 2002
... Concatenating ....
... Saved step 1 (30d for sample_new) ....
... Done concatenating (1-101 30d for sample_new) .... Thu May 2 21:44:18 EST 2002
... Done cleanup (30d for sample_new) ....
-rw-r--r-- 1 kessler at 312759452 May 2 21:44 sample_new-30d.cdf

... Starting sample_new (Taux/y).... Thu May 2 22:12:11 EST 2002
... Done sample_new (l=1:10) .... Thu May 2 22:12:11 EST 2002
... Working .... 310, 710, 1010,
... Done (1010) (sample_new).... Thu May 2 22:12:41 EST 2002
... Concatenating ....
... Saved step 1 (30d for sample_new) ....
... Done concatenating (1-101 30d for sample_new) .... Thu May 2 22:12:49 EST 2002
... Done cleanup (30d for sample_new) ....
-rw-r--r-- 1 kessler at 8692192 May 2 22:12 sample_new-30d-tau.cdf