Smoothing the TIW Curl and the Sverdrup balance

This page documents a week of messing around with smoothing the Curl pattern due to TIW, in a possibly-misguided attempt to make it look like some XBT data. But those data may be wrong. In any case, this page saves those plots in case I need them again.

Can TIW mixing explain the discrepancy from the Sverdrup balance?
Suppose the vorticity input by the wind is mixed meridionally by the TIW. Then the westward integration of the Sverdrup balance would integrate the curl smoothed in y. For the pressure field, the zonal integration is (1), so the quantity smoothed is dP/dx = (f²/B)Curl(Tau/f).

  1. Results (P) of integration of smoothed curl (check/compare different smoothing) (all have x0=110°W, X=50°): 
    y0=4°N, Y=4°, RM(5)   y0=4°N, Y=3°, Tr(5)   y0=4°N, Y=4°, Tr(5)   y0=4°N, Y=5°, Tr(5)   y0=3°N, Y=5°, Tr(5)   y0=3°N, Y=4°, RM(6)
  2. All 5 smoothings compared (P)
  3. All 5 smoothings compared (Ug)  V2  V3  V4  
  4. Overlay meridional section at 140°E-170°E: P  Ug
    End of this misguided idea
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A better (simpler, property-conserving) way to smooth the winds is to set the value of Curl(Tau) to its average over a region. That is, imagine the TIW completely homogenize the vorticity input felt by the ocean.
  1. Sverdrup, Geostrophic and Ekman zonal currents: 10°S-30°N  5°S-12°N  
  2. Meridional sections in the TIW region: Curl  dP/dx  dP/dx to 20°N
        Dots show the smoothing (averaging) applied (try different widths): 1.5°S-6.5°N  V2  1.5°S-5.5°N
  3. Result of smoothing: Curl  Streamfunction  Pressure  Ug

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