S.A.T. Innovation in Transportation for the 4D City
(S.A.T. = Autonomous Transportation System)

The  S.A.T. Project: the first 3D Private-Public Mass Transportation System, for people and freight. S.A.T. stands for "Autonomous Transportation System" and defines not only a technological innovation (3D Transportation) but sets a new transportation category as it has been conceived not from traditional transportation schemes, but from a holistic vision, integrating environmental and societal issues, urban planning processes, architecture, policy and sustainability matters and transportation engineering. Today, all present means of transportation work in 2D. The S.A.T. Project has the particularity of working under the 3 directions of movement: horizontal, vertical and on a gradient; which will lead to the re-organisation of present cities. We are not only talking about a paradigmatic shift in urban transportation, we are saying that cities will be able to increase by ten times the number of inhabitants while meeting sustainable development standards.

The re-structuring process of contemporary cities will be generated from its urban dynamics, cities will not need to be "on hold" to define their transformation process, on the contrary; the urban rhythm will increase achieving higher standards in production, exchange and interaction, applied these to any sphere (business, social, market, cultural, etc.), while cities will be already evolving.

Our Research and Projects have been validated by the scientific community at International Forums and publications. An International Cooperation has been developed in partnership with the Transportation Logistics Organisation from Delft University of Technology to develop further studies on S.A.T Project.

For additional illustrations and details, visit the S.A.T. project website



Last modified: February 23, 2007