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Global Climate Change            


Submitted by the Green Team

April 2012

Preamble: The following Mission Statement is an example of the unique strength inherent in the collegial mix of the GreenTeam, a committed group of residents, and the administration. While a sustainability mission statement was recommended as a component of the BRAG application, more importantly, it is a necessary foundation for moving forward in the “GREEN” effort at Willamette View. A major interim goal is that Sustainability will be an integral part of the WV STRATEGIC PLAN under the Operational Excellence component, following approval by our CEO and Board. These actions will undoubtedly lead to operational cost savings for Willamette View and recognition as a sustainability leader among CCRCs in our region and the nation. The ultimate goal is that we reduce our adverse impact on Planet Earth!


Mission: – To mobilize our Willamette View community in the understanding of, and active participation in, responsible environmental stewardship, also known as SUSTAINABILITY.

Elements of Sustainability Efforts at Willamette View:

  1. Maintain a comprehensive recycling program which is supported by the actions of residents
    and staff.

  1. Educate all residents and staff about the environmental impact of individual and collective choices in food, water and energy.

  1. Conduct and make use of sustainability audits and recommendations in selecting equipment and supplies and, whenever possible, take advantage of incentives to implement cost-effective measures offered by various public and private agencies and utilities

Sustainability Mission Statement 4/2012 MD

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