Electric car from China Designed for Wheelchair Users, 10-22-12

The Kangaroo Series handicapped electric car is a small, electric-power auto specifically designed for wheelchair users. It provides a very maneuverable and efficient mode of local transportation. The electric car's interior space has no front seat-just a space built to house the driver's own wheelchair so all he/she has to do is simply roll in through the extra large rear car door and into position. Vehicles for people in wheelchairs provide a level of mobility similar to that of a conventional car. Style has rarely been a priority in industrial design for the disabled until now. The wheelchair locks into place, within easy reach of car's controls which are centered on a joystick. Here is a link to more details and illustrations:

The World's Best Thermostat Just Got Better, 10-23-12

The NEST, is not just the most beautiful thermostat in the world. It looks like something from the future, if the future were ruled  by people with impeccable taste in Scandinavian furniture. It also promises to have a large impact on energy use in a wide variety of locations. Here is a link to a Slate article with more details:

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