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The Carousel is one of the biggest recyclers on the WV campus. We throw almost nothing away and we have numerous places that receive our recycled items. Last year we sent 750 pounds of clothing to the Portland Rescue Mission and Shepherd’s Door, the mission’s women’s program. This is clothing that is still wearable but not saleable in the shop. This includes numerous pairs of shoes. The women’s clothing and accessories, removed from the shop after 3 months, go to The Oak Grove Methodist Closet for Working Women.

Household items such as bedding, cooking utensils, plates and silverware are taken to The Annie Ross House a program for displaced women and children in Clackamas County.

Miscellaneous knick knacks not sold, are given to ARC, The Association for Retarded Citizens. Christmas items are sold at our Annual Holiday Sale. Christmas paper and ribbons, and unused Christmas cards are a big hit. We use tissue paper all year to wrap glass pieces we have sold.

The shop uses those recycled plastic bags that residents bring to our door. We use boxes and bags left from gifts and shopping. We have hangers, hangers, hangers. We give vases and artificial flowers to the flower room. We provide well used playing cards to the health center. Yardage goes to Coffee Creek Women’s prison and to a local church which makes dolls for children. We also give stuffing to the doll makers.

Rags, rags, rags, we save those worn towels, washcloths, etc …and give it to the WV housekeeping staff. We also give wire hangers to Housekeeping.

However we are not perfect. Our biggest donation, wadded up Kleenex in pockets, goes directly to the waste basket.

We think we are an active member of the Green Team.

Pat Wiemken and the wonderful Carousel Staff.

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