Some Results


September, 2012

Pilot Project with Energy Trust of Oregon

Here is a brief report on the energy savings resulting from the Energy Trust  Pilot project.

The pilot project was conducted on July 10th.  28 Green Team members were invited to participate, 20 agreed and received free upgrades of energy efficient light bulbs and aerators. Based on their calculations, Energy Trust reported an estimated annual savings of electricity in each residence of approximately 550 kilowatt hours (kWh), annually. Using a cost of $11.42 cents per kWh (as provided by Portland General Electric for WV costs), this would be about 550 x .1142 = $63/year for each residence or $1,256/year for all 20. Currently, WV is billed on PGE Schedule 32 at $11.42 cents per kWh (data as of 18 September, 2012)

There are 344 residences at WV at this time. IF 200 of them were to participate in a follow-up, larger effort, savings could be something like 200 x $63 = $12,600/year. WV currently spends about $500,000 per year for electricity so this savings would amount to a reduction of approximately 2.52% annually. Or, something like $126,000 over a decade.

As a follow-up, installations in 200 residences is being discussed in terms of feasibility and desirability.

October, 2012

The semi-annual prescription drug pick-up was held and the following results were obtained, in pounds.  Pills = 15.5, Packaged Pills = 1.5, Liquids and Ointments = 8 , Aerosols and Decongestants = 3.75 and Antiseptic Powders = 75 grams.


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