A 2010 rendering of the LSST, a proposed 8.4-meter ground-based telescope that will survey the entire visible sky deeply in multiple colors every week from a mountaintop in Chile. Credit: LSST/NOAO

Now and then, I get sidetracked and excited about “something different.” Good examples are the analysis tool for quality assessment of SDSS imaging data, Ivezić et al. 2004 and the construction of a very large and accurate standard star catalog, Ivezić et al. 2007.

A most satisfying experience was to take the extremely complex technical and scientific design of LSST and, together with my hundred+ LSST collaborators from whom I learned so much, in so many pleasant ways, distill it down to a few dozen pages available as Ivezić et al. 2008 (the so-called “LSST overview paper”).