• The animation is a flyby of the Milky Way's halo and shows the distribution of stars implied by the distribution of RR Lyrae stars in the SDSS strip 82 by Sesar et al. 2010. The region of the halo probed by RR Lyrae stars (110 kpc in radius, pie plot) is shown with the proper orientation and scale with respect to the Galaxy. The color in the pie plot indicates overdense (red) and underdense (blue) regions in the halo with respect to the smooth distribution of stars (green). The white dots show the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and its tidal streams, as modeled by the Law, Johnston & Majewski (2005) [ApJ, 619, 807] spherical model. The four cones show Canada-France-Hawaiʻi Legacy Survey “Wide” beams used in Sesar, Jurić, & Ivezić 2011.

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